About Mabuhay Net

So you might be wondering: What the heck is a mabuhay?

Well I'm glad I asked.

Let's start with pronunciation. I've heard the word pronounced in many different ways, sometimes even in ways that don't match the spelling at all. Any native Filipino, however, will know exactly how to pronounce it..."muh-BOO-hi." It rhymes with "the new guy." Kinda.

But what about the meaning? Ask any number of Filipinos what the word means and you'll probably get just as many answers. In Tagalog, it literally means "live long" or "good life," but it's cultural meaning is much less exact. Perhaps the best comparison is to the Hawaiian word, "Aloha," because it can mean "Hello," "Goodbye," or just about any other ambiguous greeting imaginable. Since my mother is from the Philippines, I chose to name this website "Mabuhay Net" as both a celebration of my background and a reminder of where I come from.

So, next time you're looking for an original way to say hello or goodbye to someone and you need something more creative than "salutations," just say "mabuhay!"

And please, try to pronounce it correctly.