Hold the Button

Featured: Hold the Button

Press and hold the button for a long as you can endure. You might even get on the leaderboard!


Do Not Press

Do Not Press

Whatever you do, you must not press the red button.

Bubble Shooter Made Easy

Bubble Shooter Made Easy

Because the original Bubble Shooter game is way too hard.

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Joke of the day: March 31, 2020

Dad: "My dog has no nose."

Me: "How does he smell?"

Dad: "Awful."

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Can you solve this week's riddle?

"There is three errers in this sentence." Can you find them?

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Connect the Colors

Connect the Colors

Connect the colors without crossing lines.

Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots

Draw four straight lines, without lifting your imaginary pencil, that touch all nine dots in the grid.

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